How Can I create a New Idea using expert Guidance?

To create a new Idea in Qukku, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Interrobang  and then "+ Create Idea" to create a new Idea.  The system will display the following screen.
  2. Click on a Recipe Name to select a recipe and then click on the -> arrow to Name your Idea.  The system will display the following screen:
  3. Enter a name for you Idea.  Idea names are just like file names.  They help you identify one Idea from another.
  4. Enter a Description for your Idea. The description should indicate to your team the purpose of this Idea.
  5. You can click on the -> to assign the Idea to a team.  The system will display the screen below:
  6. Click on the V arrow to select the team and then click on the -> to Create your Idea.
  7. The system will then display the Idea detail screen below:
  8. You are now ready to create your post and invite your team mates to help you work on your Idea.


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