How can I incorporate feedback and publish a new version of my Idea?

Qukku makes it super easy to incorporate your team and advisors feedback into your idea. Follow these steps to quickly, edit your post, incorporate the feedback from comments, dispose the comments, and post a new version:

Revise Post/Dispose Comments

  1. On the Idea Detail Screen, Click to revise this post.  The system will the following screen:
  2. Now incorporate your comment one at a time by reviewing the comment and modifying the appropriate text in the post.  
  3. Once you have incorporated the comment, accept the feedback by clicking  to the far right of the comment.  This will indicate to the commenter how you used their comment.  
  4. If you don't think the comment is appropriate or helps in modifying your text, then use the  button to the far right of the comment.  
  5. If you wish not keep the comment available for the next version then do not accept or reject the comment.  The system will carry forward the comment to the next version.


Publish New Version

  1. Once you have incorporated all comments and set their disposition, then click finish editing by clicking  button.
  2. The system will prompt you for What's new dialog (see below):
  3. Type the change notes in the Dialog box (be descriptive as these are used to help you find the previous versions when you are viewing the version history tab in the smart bar).
  4. Click on "Letd do that!" button to create a new version.  You can cancel the action by clicking on "Yikes- go back!" button.
  5. That's it you are DONE!

Indicate You're Done with this section!

  1. Click  to mark this section of the idea as COMPLETED!  If you are the author, This will inform your team that you have marked this section as complete.  If you are a commenter, it will let the author and the rest of the team know your current assessment of the section. 
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