Main Navigation


The navigation section allows you to access the full functionality of the Qukku application.


Quick Access

Quick Access Menu opens the Smart Bar to allow you to navigate to:

  • All Rooms View
  • View Guides
  • Manage Profile


Notification Icon opens the Smart Bar and shows all your notifications since you last used the system


The Search Icon opens the Smart Bar and allows you to:

  • Search
  • Filter 


The properties Icon opens the Smart Bar and allows you to:

  • Monitor Progress of a Room
  • Actions - Perform Actions on a Room


The Guidance Icon will show you the guidance associated with a Board inside a room.

Team Section

Team icon opens the Smart Bar and allows you to grant membership and assign roles in:

  • Teams
  • Rooms 


The Chat Icon will open the Smart Bar and show you your chat sessions.  You must have already invited team mates or be a part of a team to start a chat session.

User Section

User section allows you to change your status, manage your profile, or log off the system.

Click on the user Avatar to show the user menu.


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