What is a Recipe?

A Recipe is guidance that helps you to author the content of your work product and helps your team mates to provide you with feedback on your work product.  A Recipe consists of one or more sections and each section consists of one or more topics.  Think of a recipe as nothing more than breakdown of a document you want to create, section by section, topic by topic.  You can use recipes to create new Ideas that have the right sections already setup for you to start building your work product.  

Lets take a quick look at how to browse recipes in Qukku:

  1. Click on the Interrobang  and then "?Review Recipes" to access recipes.  The system will display the following screen.
  2. Click on a Recipe Name to view the content of a recipe.
  3. You can click on the > sign left of a section to view the topics in a section.

NOTE: Qukku will be adding new Recipes every month.  So check back often to see if you new recipes have shown up.


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