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An Room in Qukku is work area to help you create new work products, make decision, solve problems, engage stakeholders, or share knowledge.  An Room is created using Guides in Qukku.  Qukku supports many different types of Guides that help you create Rooms to do your daily work.


So what makes up an Room?  

Qukku uses the Room metaphor to store and organize work.  Each room Consists of one or more SmartBoards.  Each SmartBoard contains the perfect view that combines your work, conversations around the work and the guidance to successfully complete the work.  The three sections that make up a SmartBoard as follows:

  1. A Post area - The post area allows the user to post their content.  You can use our editor to create the content or insert a file.  We currently support documents stored on One Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.  We also support uploading PDF files.  Qukku supports versioning of your Posts.
  2. Comments Area - The comments area allows the user to post comments.  Comments are threaded and can be resolved as you publish new version of your Post.
  3. Guidance Area- The Guidance area visible in the smart bar and access through the Compass Icon is unique to each board.  In custom Rooms, you can edit the guidance to provide specific instruction to the team for completing the board and guiding the work.

Figure 2. Qukku System Entities and their relationships

Room Detail View

Board Navigation

You can navigate between different sections of your Room by clicking on the Board Names.  When using our expert guides to create a new room, the number and names of the board are determined by the expert guide.  For Rooms created using our custom guides, the system allows you to edit the guidance and rename the board.  You can also add new boards to the room.  

NOTE: currently there is no way to delete a board.



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