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The Post section (Yellow) contains your post. You will use the guidance provided in the smart bar to build your post by answering the key questions. Every time you edit the post, make changes, and publish your changes, the system will save the previous version and publish your changes as a new version. The post section contains your name as the author and the date you published the current version.


Posts - Posts are the content you create using the guidance provided in the smart bar (See Light Yellow section).

Authors - Author is a role inside a room.  The author role can be set using the Team Icon.  Only the Room owner can promote a user to the author role.


 - As a commenter, use this feature as a social signal to indicate that section in the recipe is "DONE". As an author, use this feature to update the status of the section from "in-progress" to "DONE". Note: As an author, you can click on the High Five button again to toggle the status back to "in-progress" from "DONE".

 Publish New Version - As an owner or an author role in a room (NOTE: commenters role cannot edit or update the post section), You can start the publish a new version process of your post by clicking on the Edit button. Any changes you make will be published as a new version by clicking on the "Post" button in the edit screen. You can also save your changes as draft. When you are in the middle of editing the current draft the system will display "view draft" instead of "Edit" button. Any co-author can view the draft and then make additional changes to publish. Commenters cannot view drafts.

NOTE: Before you start the publishing process, be sure to dispose the comments (See Comments Section to understand how to dispose comments and the social value of disposing comments).

 - You can view previous version by clicking on the < or > arrows to cycle between versions. You can also, directly access a version by using the Version drop down box.

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