Instructor Getting Started Guide

Instructor Getting Started Guide

  1. Setting up your course
    1. Sign on to using your email address.
    2. During your account setup, name your team after your course or club.
    3. When you have formed your entrepreneurial teams through your normal course or club team forming process, you'll have each team select a unique team name.  They will use this name during their signup.
    4. Provide each team the “Student Team Lead Getting Started Guide” along with the email address you used to sign up for
    5. When your student team leads register on and setup their teams (using the unique Team Names), they will invite you to their team.
    6. Invite all students to the course team to provide automatic access to the team's rooms.
    7. You are now ready to start using Qukku for administering your students.
  2. Creating your Lecture room
    1. Assign the Lecture room to the team that you previously setup for this course.
    2. Add board for Lecture Notes
    3. Add board for Announcements
    4. Add board for Syllabus
    5. Add board for Assignments and Schedule
  3. Monitoring progress
    1. Announcing deadline schedule 48 hours before due date. This can be posted on the Announcements board of the Lecture room.
    2. Review boards marked complete by team members.
    3. Providing feedback on team deliverables in the Comments section of each board.
    4. Record your grade in your grade book (not part of Qukku).
  4. Counseling teams
    1. Schedule counseling session.
    2. View Team Dashboard using filters (overall progress).
    3. Review each board based on the team's progress.
    4. Remind teams about staying on schedule.
  5. Sending messages directly to students for their eyes only!

Setting up your course

Create your account on using your university email address. During your account creation process, name your team after course section or organization.

When you've formed your entrepreneurial teams through your normal course or club team forming process, ask each team to select a unique team name. They'll use this name during sign up for

Provide each team the "Student Team Leader Getting Started Guide" for Qukku along with the university email address you used to sign up for

When your student team leaders register on and setup their teams (using the unique Team Names), they will invite you to their team.

You're now ready to start using Qukku for administering your students!

Managing course member access

When you created your account on, you created a team for the course. Your course team will be where your students can access announcements, notes, supplemental resources, schedule updates and participate in discussions outside of class.

Now that your student teams have invited you to their teams, you're going to invite them to be members of your course team.

Select your course team name from the members smartbar and click the + Team member button to follow the instructions.

If you have TA's or advisors for your course, you'll want to invite them as well, but may provide them team admin access so that they can assist you with member management.

If a student drops from the course, you can easily remove them from the team by uninviting them. This will immediately remove them from the course team and any rooms assigned to the course. They will maintain access to their student team, unless the student team leader removes them from there.

Setting up a Lecture Room

Qukku uses the concept of rooms to organize work, conversations and guidance for a specific purpose. For your course, a Lecture Room is an easy way to bring all of your course members together in a common place so they stay informed about class updates, have access to supplemental resources, and participate in discussion related to a recent lecture.

To create a Lecture Room in Qukku, simply click the Qukku logo on the left navigation for the Quick Access Smartbar, next select the Start tab and click Add New Room. Follow the prompts to create a Custom Room. You'll name your room "Lecture Room for [Course Name]", provide a description and assign it to your course team so that all members of the team have access to it.

Once you've finished the room creation step, you have the opportunity to modify your room. Firstly, you'll rename the first board to "Lecture Notes" and provide guidance on how you expect others to participate with this board. To edit the board name and guidance, click the compass on the left navigation for the Directions Smartbar and click the Edit button. Only room owners have the ability to Edit the room name and guidance.

Now you'll add more boards to your room. On the right side of the screen, click the + New board button and provide the board's name and guidance.

When done, you'll 4 boards for the Lecture Room. Those boards are the following, in order:

  • Lecture Notes
  • Announcements
  • Syllabus
  • Assignments & Schedule

Now that the Lecture Room has been setup, you can publish the relevant items to each board and your students can use the comments to leave questions or participate in discussions for a given board.

Monitoring student team progress

As your student teams work through their assignments, you can quickly keep them informed about deadlines by posting a reminder comment 2 days before an assignment's due date in the Announcements Board of the Lecture Room. You'll be assured that all of your students get to see the same notice and the system will automatically send them notifications regarding your reminder comment as well.

As student teams complete each assignment, they''ll mark their relevant assignment board as DONE. This will notify you that the assignment is ready for your review.

You'll be able to provide feedback on the assignment by leaving comments directly on the board. This provides you flexibility should you want your student teams to revise their assignment based on your feedback and resubmit for review.

After reviewing the assignment, you'll record your grade in your grade book (outside of Qukku).

For traceability of your student's work in your university's system, you can have the student team submit one of the following items:

  • unique website URL for the assignment's board
  • screen capture of the assignment board
  • PDF export of the assignment board's post

Qukku securely stores copies of all versions of the student team's work. Past versions are timestamped and unable to be edited. You retain the ability to access their assignments for review in the future should the need arise.

Counseling teams

As your student teams work through their assignments, you can assess progress of their course deliverables in your Dashboard. Simply click the Qukku logo on the left navigation for the Quick Access Smartbar and click View Dashboard. You'll see a list of all rooms that you have access to and their related progress.

To filter the Dashboard for viewing select assignments or teams, click the magnifying glass on the left navigation for the Find smartbar, next select the Filter tab and choose the relevant filters.

To further understand a team's progress, you can click the 3 dots to the left of the room name in the Dashboard and then select the Properties smartbar by clicking the lightbulb on the left navigation. You'll see precisely which board has been Not Started, In Progress, or Completed along with activity-based KPIs for each board.

You can directly access a specific board by clicking on the board card in the Properties smartbar or by selecting the room name in your Dashboard.

During scheduled counseling sessions or office hours, reviewing student team progress allows you to easily compare progress of their deliverables with other teams in their cohort. Further, it allows you to quickly spot a team that is lagging behind so that you can send them a reminder about staying on schedule.

Sending messages directly to students

While your assignment-related feedback can be recorded in the comments of a given board, there may be occasions when you want to send your student a message for their eyes only. For example, you may want to inquire regarding whether they've followed up with an advisor assigned to them.

To access chat conversations, click the chat button on the left navigation to access the Messages smartbar and click + New chat. Follow the prompts to initiate a new chat with one of your students, TAs or course advisors.

Chat conversations are securely stored and accessible only by the chat participants.

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