SmartBoard - Guidance

Guidance Section (Smart Bar)

The guidance smartbar helps you to author the content for the current post on the SmartBoard of your work product and helps your team mates to provide you with feedback on your work product.  When you use a Qukku expert Guide, the guidance is provided by the Guide.  When you use custom Guide, you can author your own guidance.

Best practices for authoring your guidance is as follows:
  • Provide Board Goals.  A good board goal is a short sentence that defines success criteria for completing the post on the SmartBoard.
  • Topic Name.  Topics are created using `` (reverse quotes) when editing the guidance.  A good topic name is one word that clearly defines the topic you want to cover in the post.
  • Topic Description - Topic descriptions should ask key questions when answered will help the author to successfully cover the topic in the post section.  The description is also used by the team to provide feedback in the comments section. 
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